Six months FREE service  with new installation. (Salt included)

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Wendell's offers a six month free service plan on any new purchase and installation. We can also repair and service all brands of water softeners and filters.


Water Softener Systems

Wendell's water softener have been in production for over thirty years and are proven in the industry. Wendell's sells and services these products because they are proven the best.

Whole House Filter/Softeners Systems

Whole house systems are a combination of a carbon filter and a water softener used together to ensure your family has the best water available. Both Genisis and Fleck offer these outstanding systems.

Reverse Osmosis

Wendell's offers different stages of Reverse Osmosis to fit your office or family's need for quality drinking water. These units can be installed under the sink for the cleanest drinking water available.

Service and Repair

Here at Wendell's, 'we offer monthly service for anyone's water softener! A quallified tecnician will inspect and service your unit from any company or manufacturer.(including salt) We can also repair most softeners and filters.